Saturday, February 12, 2011

Well, before I write my huge blog post about my times this past friday, I'd like to discuss my current #1 pick for standard.

B/G control.

That's right.


Not rock.


Check my list.

3x Glissa, The Traitor
3x Wall of Tanglecord
3x Doom Blade
1x Go for the Throat
4x Sylvok Replica
3x Duress
3x Inquisition of Kozilek
4x Liquimetal Cooling
3x Green Sun's Zenith
3x Ratchet Bomb
3x Mimic Vat
2x Consume the Meek

And that's what I've got so far.

As you can see, the main idea is Liquimetal Cooling + Glissa + Sylvok Replica + mimic vat. Now before you go all "OMG YOU NEED ALL THREE WTF BAD" let me explain each card's significance.

The best use of Glissa is to turn her sideways. She is a powerhouse for three mana, and Green Sun's Zenith will bring her into play instantly. Well, not "instantly" but you get the point. She's nuts. Her ability complements the deck if it gets hosed by...artifact hate. But that's exactly what this deck does itself.

The liquimetal Cooling + Sylvok Replica combo allows you to blow up lands. Let's go over the costs. Essentially I have this.

G: Sacrifice this creature: Destroy target permanent. If that permanent was a creature, return this card to your hand.

Not a creature? Consume the meek and get tons of artifacts back with Glissa. All the while, feel free to pop their creatures, amass the good ones that go to the graveyard with Mimic Vat and beat face in. Eventually your win condition is controlling the field with mimic vat + sylvok replica. Every turn you have 3G: destroy target permanent. Now that's insane.

Now yes, this is a junky combo. But the ideaology is that the deck runs good cards. GREAT cards. That happen to work well together, but are not junk by themselves. Ratchet Bomb and Mimic Vat are just the nuts. Destroy most of your dudes, take the best ones and recur them. Nice cantrip? I'll take. Grave Titan? Nice. Game.

Through mass removal (Deathtouch, Doomblades, Ratchet Bomb, Sylvok Replica, artifact regrowing (Glissa), and nice synergy, I believe the deck stands a chance at developing into a competitive archetype.

Post your comments about the mana base/what you think the deck could use to improve itself in the comment section.

More to come from my Friday night adventures here soon.


  1. So how does this relate to psychology? And you can teach me sometime ok? anonymously mom

  2. Having only 3 [Legendary] Targets for 3 Green's Sun's Zenith means 5 dead cards. Go for the Throat is better than Doom Blade 90% of the time. Recurring Ratchet Bombs are so slow. Really slow. Its a cool concept, but no way in hell will that work.

  3. There's other targets for the Green Sun's. Glissa is just the priority. But I intend to swing and swing and swing with her, so she'll likely die a lot. Reccuring the Ratchet bombs is slow. But the idea is control. Control decks aren't fast. They use stalling cards and then bring in their win con. I feel that the use of removal + mimic vat + destroying permanents will eventually lead to a lock or just 20 points with vat and glissa. It's really a control deck, not meant to be fast at all. But the thing is, against a fast deck, it only takes two turns to blow up all of their 1 cmc creatures with the bomb, and any good ones I can steal with vat, and any tough ones die to glissa.

  4. I got glissa in my first booster pack from mirrodin bieseged!
    post more!


  5. haha this is so complicated. i'll stick to my yugioh

  6. What if you take the second entrance first?

  7. Good luck man. Havent played this before.

  8. Good luck. Sounds like a solid deck.

  9. sounds nice so far, will want to see the full deck

  10. also just a stab out of nowhere: any one who is looking to trade or play in nashville let me know. Anyone in nashvilleish area who needs to use less than 5 jaces let me know

  11. mmkay well im not certain how this will all play out but i would recommend sword of something or othter